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Natural Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs

Bhutan has numerous Natural Hot Springs that is popular among the local crowd as well as tourists visiting the country. The various healing properties and medicinal value associated with these Natural Hot Springs make it very popular choice among people. People suffering from ailments like arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, headache, stomach pain, joint/back pain and tetanus, etc. find these Natural Hot Springs very beneficial. Going to Natural Hot Springs is an intrinsic part of the Bhutanese culture & people of all ages frequent these Natural Hot Springs for their well being.

Dhur Tsachu

Dhur Tshachu is among the most popular Natural Hot Springs in Bhutan. It is situated inside the Wangchuck Centennial Park. Travelers will find March to April and September to early October the best season to visit Dhur Tshachu. The temperature of the water is between 38°C to 52°C. Travelers will come across diverse varieties of flora and fauna on the route to the Dhur Tsachu.

Dangwa Phochu Tshachu

Another of the popular natural hot water springs in Bhutan, Dangwa Phochu Tshachu is also renowned for its healing properties & medicinal value. It is popular remedy for ailments like body aches, sinuses, arthritis,joint pains, etc. It is very popular among the local people.

Guney Tshachu

Guney Tshachu is another of the hot springs in Bhutan that is popular among the locals as well as the tourists. People suffering from common ailments, body aches, joint pains, etc. will find taking a dip in the Guney Tshachu beneficial.

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